Hi, I’m Tiffanni.

Do you go down an internet hole while searching for what to pair with that blue sofa—the one you can’t justify buying until you know if it will work; meanwhile you ending up with a whole new list of things you can’t live without? I can help you sort through your dream rooms to create a more personalized space than that image circulating online since 2009.

Are you a small business owner who dreams of opening a storefront, but you don’t know how to turn that identity into a tangible space? I can help you stay on brand while creating a place you won’t mind spending most of your waking hours in. Which is what you need, because the hustle is real, and so worth it.

How did I get these super powers? Well, I’ve always had a memory for color. Ask me about somewhere I visited as a kid and I can’t tell you who was there or why, but I can tell you that the walls were covered in a deep mustard damask wallpaper. In college I rearranged my furniture (and sometimes cinder blocks) regularly, finding ways to turn a wood paneled rentals and white cement boxes into exotic lounges and illusions of sleeping under the stars. It only made sense then that after getting a degree in computer graphics (yes, I’m semi-tech-savy), that I would end up going back to school for interior design.

Since then I’ve worked with clients in their homes, laid out hundred-employee offices, and been on the team that opened the first 21st Century school in Baltimore City. Oh, did I mention I used to run a magazine focused on small business? Localism is a passion of mine, and supporting the creative community is something that gives me all the feels.

In my free time I hang out with my husband, sing Moana with my toddler, and try to avoid being covered in hair from my cats Rhythm and Blues, all while drinking entirely too much tea. Or as I see it, just the right amount.

If turning your Pinterest boards (or your brand) into a space that’s more than just digital, while chatting over matcha and chai lattes sounds like a good time to you, then let’s get started.